Thoreau and Emerson v. Kim and Kanye


Kim and Kanye

Thoreau and Emerson would think that Kim and Kanye were WAY off. The transcendentalist, Thoreau says, “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” From the news you see everyday, Kim and Kanye are way off from simple. Their home is a gigantic mansion, complete with reflection pools and fountains. They have one of the most outrageous lifestyles in the entire world. They have a T.V. show that releases inside information on their private life. Also, they like to keep up with the latest trends, whether it be in their careers or in the way that they live. Kanye changes his music style to fit what is in, and Kim changes her clothing style to fit whatever everyone else is wearing. Thoreau and Emerson would probably cry if they could see what the world has come to.


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