John Lennon and Transcendentalism!


“Well my instincts are fine
I had to learn to use them in order to survive
And time after time confirmed an old suspicion
It’s good to be alive
And when I’m deep down and out and lose communication
With nothing left to say
It’s then I realize it’s only a condition
Of seeing things that way
Intuition takes me there
Intuition takes me everywhere”

(John Lennon: Intuition: 1973)

John Lennon uses the obviously Transcendental idea of intuition and using it to find your way in life. These lyrics tell about how intuition helps him live and stay alive. Just knowing that something is going to happen even if you can’t explain it is also being self-reliant. Emerson talks about being self-reliant and an individual that can trust their instincts  in Self-Reliance when he says to “trust thyself”. You are trusting yourself with the idea of something happening without a possible explanation.


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